Have you ever thought, “What is the best drink for my body?” The answer is simple: water!

Water plays an important part in your body functioning. It can help you feel energized, boost your mood, and assist with digestion just to name a few. So drinking water is important for your health. Make water your drink of choice. Now I know what you’re thinking “But water tastes boring, I want something sweet!” And that’s okay! Here are some tasty options everyone can enjoy.

Flavored Water

One of my favorite options is flavored water. I like to add a slice of lime in the water and give it some time to infuse. Simply adding a favorite fruit or vegetable to cold refreshing water will give your water that little kick without adding sugar! What makes it even better is that you can also eat whatever fruit or veggie you add for the vitamins and minerals too! There are many options out there like cucumber with mint, watermelon with basil, and strawberries with kiwi. Be creative with your family and friends; see what foods you can add to your water to make it more exciting and tasty!

Orange Creamsicle Delight

Another option to flavor your water is orange creamsicle delight. When you drink juice, it will have some sugar in it, so let’s try to keep the sugar low and add more water! The recipe is very easy to make. Take a water jug or container, add about four to six ounces of 100% orange juice, and fill the rest up with some water. Then add the key ingredient, a dash of vanilla. Give the jug a good stir, and now you have a drink that’s low in sugar with some Vitamin C. The drink is just as delicious as a Popsicle for the summertime!

Sparkling Strawberry Limeade

Soda is something we all think about when we want a drink with some fizz. Sometimes we are not aware of how much sugar is in soda, and that it can lead to cavities in our teeth. There can be up to seventeen teaspoons of sugar in a bottle of soda. Now imagine taking a spoon and eating seventeen teaspoons of sugar, you wouldn’t do that, right? While you may not eat all the sugar at once, you can drink it without thinking twice. Want an alternative option to soda? Try the sparkling strawberry limeade. To make this drink, take some freshly cut strawberries, add slices of lime, and some mint leaves to a water jug. Fill with sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a refreshing beverage without all the sugar in a soda.

These are just three easy ways to enjoy more water. Water does not have to be boring, it can be quite tasty. Don’t like the taste of tap water? Try leaving it out overnight to get rid of the chloride taste! Try to make water your default choice of drink, as it does not have sugar, has no calories, and it is the best drink for your body. Cheers!