Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment (KOHA)

In the state of California, a child entering kindergarten or the first grade must have an assessment of their oral health completed before they start school. The screening can be completed in a dental office or in a school program. View the links below for more information about the KOHA.

School-Based Health Centers

School-Based Health Centers provide various services on or near school sites which may include physical exams, screenings, immunizations, adolescent health care, referrals and outside referrals for care. Some school-based health centers may provide dental services at schools so that students do not have to leave school.

Oral Health Education Materials

Do you need help finding educational materials on oral health for your classroom? There are several educational materials available to download such as lesson plans and social media campaigns. If you need help accessing some of the materials, Smile SBC may be able to help. Find additional oral health education materials here or view lesson plans below.

Dental Partners

We have several dental partners that conduct assessments and/or services in schools within San Bernardino County. View information on our dental partners below:

Reach out to us for help in bringing this important service to your students by emailing us at

Printable Materials