Medi-Cal now covers dental benefits.

Medi-Cal covers many services from cleanings to fillings and dentures. To see what services you may be eligible for, click the link below.

You can find a dentist that accepts Medi-Cal here.

For information on how to apply for Medi‑Cal, please visit or you can call 1‑800‑300‑1506.

Some dental clinics and providers in the area accept Medi-Cal, Molina, IEHP, sliding fee or offer FREE services. Find a low-cost dentist here.

The Medi‑Cal program offers benefits to members including dental services. You do not need to apply separately for dental coverage because it is a part of the Medi‑Cal program. Learn more about your covered dental services.

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If you are in need of emergency dental services because your are in pain, experienced trauma or might have an infection, call your dentist to see if they can see you. San Bernardino County clinics perform emergency services.

Unfortunately, we do not provide direct dental services. However, San Bernardino County offers dental services at the San Bernardino, Hesperia and Ontario clinics. If you need more information, call 1 (800) 722-4777. We also have several partners in the area that provide dental services.

Yes! We would be happy to come to any community events that your organization puts on. Be sure to email us at if you would like us to attend your event. We provide oral health education and toothbrush kits for adults and children for FREE.

We do! No matter where you are located in San Bernardino County, we will come to you. If your organization is interested, please email us.