Pregnancy & Oral Health

Taking care of your oral health while you are pregnant is extremely important. During pregnancy, changes in hormones can affect your oral health. These changes can lead to an oral health disease called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a disease that affects the gums surrounding the teeth. If you allow periodontal disease to worsen, tooth loss might occur. Poor pregnancy outcomes associated with periodontal disease are low birth weight, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes mellitus.

Why is your oral health important?

Increased risk in periodontal disease is not the only thing you need to worry about while you are pregnant. You also have to worry about cavities or tooth decay. Did you know that tooth decay is considered the most common chronic disease in children around the world? Cavities are caused by the breakdown of tooth enamel due to bacteria-created acid. Enamel is the white part of the tooth that protects against cavities. Once the enamel is eaten away by the acid produced by bacteria in the mouth, holes form on the surface of teeth and can be very painful. If you don’t go to the dentist to take care of the cavities, this could be bad for your health.

Dental Visit During Pregnancy

Have you visited the dentist since you learned you were pregnant? Maybe you have not visited the dentist because you don’t have time, it’s too expensive or your dental provider won’t see you because you are pregnant. Some dentists say they won’t see you if you are pregnant because of liability concerns. Well, going to the dentist while you are pregnant is entirely safe for you and your baby. In fact, delaying treatment can be very bad for you and your baby. X-rays are even safe if proper equipment is used and will not harm your unborn baby. Even common medications and anesthetics can be prescribed by doctors or dentists while you are pregnant.

Have concerns about visiting the dentist?

Remember, it is safe to visit the dentist while you are pregnant. If you have any concerns about visiting the dentist while you are pregnant, please talk to your dentist. If your dentist refuses to see you because of your condition, San Bernardino County Department of Public Health Dental Clinics will see you. For a list of FQHCs in the area, download the PDF under printable materials. Some dentists may require a note from your primary doctor to receive dental treatment.

Printable Materials

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